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Committed to
Livability, Opportunity, and Transparency

Supervisor Bradford is committed to increasing livability and quality of life in Yuba County, focusing on safety, development, access to amenities and natural resources, and advocating for key community interests.

Supervisor Bradford is committed to increasing economic opportunity through a forward-thinking approach, emphasizing economic development, strategic partnerships, and essential infrastructure projects that are aimed at making Yuba County more connected and prosperous.

Supervisor Bradford is committed to transparency though open, honest, and responsive governance with an emphasis on regular engagement with community members, clear and timely communication, and fiscal responsibility.

Let's work together to make Yuba County an even better place to call home.

Specific Goals


  • Strengthen Public Safety Across Yuba County Communities

  • Foster Commercial Development in Plumas Lake, Prioritizing Essential Amenities like a Grocery Store

  • Expand and Secure Safe Recreational Access to Yuba County's Rivers 

  • Increase the Network of Bike and Walking Paths, Highlighting Routes Along our Scenic Rivers

  • Boost Cell and Broadband Coverage Across the County to Connect Our Communities

  • Advocate for Agriculture and Water Rights, Concentrating Development within the Valley Growth Boundary

  • Explore the Creation of a Community Choice Energy (CCE) Agency for local control over energy purchases and affordability. 


  • Support Hard Rock & Enterprise Rancheria in Developing a Vibrant Sports & Entertainment Zone

  • Extend the OPUD Wastewater Line down the Highway 65 Corridor to Serve the Sports & Entertainment Zone, the Employment Village, and the City of Wheatland, Paving the Way for Additional Housing, Jobs, and Amenities

  • Complete Design and Secure Environmental Approvals for the East Wheatland Expressway

  • Complete Design and Secure Environmental Approvals for the South Beale Rd Interchange

  • Initiate Construction of the Plumas Lake Blvd Interchange Extension

  • Advocate for and Collaborate on Initiatives to Bring Regional Passenger Rail Service to Plumas Lake and Yuba County, Connecting us with Chico, Sacramento, the Bay Area, and Beyond

  • Maintain a Robust Partnership with Beale AFB, Ensuring Yuba County’s Full Support for its Mission

  • Modernize the Plumas Lake Specific Plan to Reflect Current Needs and Aspirations


  • Regularly Engage with Community Members to Understand and Address their Needs and Concerns, Including on Social Media

  • Initiate Regular Town Hall Meetings or Community Forums to Update Residents on County Activities and Listen to Their Input

  • Provide Regular, Transparent Updates on My Activities and Decisions as Your Yuba County Supervisor

  • Communicate Upcoming Public Meetings and Agenda Items to Keep Residents Informed and Encourage Participation

  • Maintain a Balanced and Responsible County Budget, Prioritizing Essential Services

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