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Committed to
Livability, Opportunity, and Transparency

Supervisor Bradford is committed to increasing livability and quality of life in Yuba County, focusing on safety, development, access to amenities and natural resources, and advocating for key community interests.

Supervisor Bradford is committed to increasing economic opportunity through a forward-thinking approach, emphasizing economic development, strategic partnerships, and essential infrastructure projects that are aimed at making Yuba County more connected and prosperous.

Supervisor Bradford is committed to transparency though open, honest, and responsive governance with an emphasis on regular engagement with community members, clear and timely communication, and fiscal responsibility.

Let's work together to make Yuba County an even better place to call home.

Our Accomplishments

This is a list of a few things we’ve accomplished since I took office in 2017. 

The full list is much longer, but these are some of the most important and impactful for District 4 residents.


Public Safety
  • Directed 80% of County Measure K funds to bolster public safety including 25 new sheriff positions, 3 in the district attorney's office, and 3 in probation.

  • Collaborated with Sheriff Anderson on a county-wide license plate reader initiativee to decrease vehicle thefts and aid in criminal investigations.

  • Partnered with Hard Rock for funding to enhance deputy presence in Plumas Lake and near the casino.

  • Dedicated 20% of Measure K to Yuba County Fire Departments.

  • Awarded over $30k each in grants to Linda Fire and Wheatland Fire Authority for critical rescue equipment.

  • Updated the MOU with Enterprise Rancheria Tribe and Wheatland Fire Authority to ensure compensation for emergency responses related to the casino.

Road Improvements
  • Improved pavement conditions with overlays on over 26 miles of roads in District 4; that’s more than the distance from Plumas Lake to Sacramento.

  • Extended road lifespan with over 17 miles of slurry seals across East, North, and Southern Plumas Lake.

  • Raised, Rebuilt, and Repaved Ostrom Rd for Improved access to Beale AFB.

Traffic Mitigation
  • Detailed Design of the Plumas Lake Blvd Interchange Extension is underway

  • High-Level Design of the South Beale Rd Interchange and East Wheatland Expressway is underway.

  • Established the South Yuba Transportation Improvement Authority (SYTIA) between Yuba County and the City of Wheatland to focus on three important projects:  Plumas Lake Blvd Interchange Extension, South Beale Road Interchange, and the East Wheatland Expressway.  

  • Completed an Implementation Study for funding and completion strategies for the SYTIA projects.

Walkability & Bikeability
  • Approved the Plumas Lake Bike Path Plan, adding 7.3 miles of planned bike paths.

  • Completed the Bear River Habitat Trail and East Plumas Lake Emergency Evacuation Route.

  • Drafted the Three Rivers Trail Plan for future riverside trails along the Bear, Yuba, and Feather Rivers.

Additional Enhancements
  • Updated zoning in Plumas Lake to mandate public input on prospective gas stations.

  • Implemented a No Camping Ordinance, enhancing enforcement against illegal encampments.

  • Awarded $350k to the City of Wheatland for a community pool, plus annual funds for water safety programs.

  • Championed the North Valley Rail Project, pushing for Plumas Lake and Marysville stations.

  • Supported the OPUD community pool through funding for operations and safety programs.

  • Collaborated with Facebook to recognize Plumas Lake as a city.

  • Petitioned the USPS for a dedicated ZIP code for Plumas Lake.


Job Creation & Economic Development
  • Championed the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino project, ushering in 1000+ jobs with more on the horizon.

  • Approved $13.6M in funds for a regional wastewater system, propelling economic development along Hwy 65 and the City of Wheatland.

  • Fostered a strategic partnership with Yuba Water Agency, the City of Wheatland, and the University of California for a Wheatland research center.

  • Three commercial businesses opened in Plumas Lake, with three more and a multi-tenant retail center announced.  Additional commercial announcements are expected soon.

  • Launched the “Yes to Yuba” initiative for streamlined business expansion and onboarding in Yuba County.

Tax Savings & Fee Reductions:
  • Slashed TRLIA CFD Tax Assessment and Impact Fee by as much as 50%.

  • Allocated a $700,000 grant to Wheatland for water infrastructure, saving each household nearly $1300 when combined with State aid.

  • Supported an OPUD feasibility study to potentially unlock $185k per household in state funds for water and wastewater services in rural Arboga.

  • Utilized the annual CalPERS Cash-Flow Loan from Yuba Water, saving taxpayers $1.5M+.


Broadband Expansion
  • Collaborated with SiFi Networks for an extensive open-access fiber-optic network along the Hwy 70 corridor, including Arboga and Plumas Lake, without taxpayer burden.

  • Developed a Yuba County Broadband Master Plan.

  • Partnered with Golden State Connect Authority for fiber deployment in Yuba County foothills.

Watershed Education:
  • Sponsored annual Yuba River field trips for all 4th Graders in Yuba County to get kids onto the river and learn about our watershed.

  • Developed a county-specific curriculum for all grade levels spotlighting the Yuba River Watershed.

  • Planned for a future Water Education Center on the Yuba River to ignite STEM passions.

  • Established a Yuba College program focusing on watershed and forest management.


Flood Risk Mitigation:
  • Achieved robust 200-year flood protection for key regions.

  • Designated $9M for enhancing flood protection up to 300-year level.

  • Furthered flood protection design, aiming for a 500-year standard.

  • Allotted significant funds to multiple Wheatland area districts for essential levee repairs, certification, and maintenance.

  • Extended a $500,000 loan to Wheatland for a crucial Flood Risk Reduction Study, with state reimbursement anticipated.


Transparent Governance
  • Consistently engaged with the community, addressing questions and concerns in person and on social media.

  • Offered a weekly update on my activities, ensuring consistent communication with constituents.

  • Launched town hall meetings, creating a platform for open dialogue and informed discussions with residents.

  • Proactively communicated details of upcoming public meetings, including agenda items, to foster awareness and encourage community participation.

Fiscal Responsability

  • Successfully passed a balanced county budget each year, focusing on prioritizing public safety and vital community services.

  • Championed allocating a majority of Measure K funds specifically for enhancing public safety.

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